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In the third year of the B.Sc program at IHM Raipur, the students step into the Advanced Training Kitchen (ATK), representing a pivotal phase in their culinary education. Here, students, having gained foundational skills in their earlier years, are given the opportunity to apply and amalgamate their expertise to conquer national and international culinary frontiers. The Advanced Kitchen acts as an arena for instructing and honing skills in preparing a spectrum of international cuisines, encompassing the likes of French, Oriental, Chinese, Thai, Italian, German, Spanish, Greek, Mexican, and Mediterranean cuisines.

Within the confines of ATK, students delve into mastering not only the art of cooking but also crucial aspects like precise cooking techniques, portion control, platter presentation, garnishing, and menu compilation. Practical classes form the backbone of this training, allowing students to refine their skills and deepen their culinary knowledge. This exposure positions students to thrive in the face of culinary diversity, preparing them to shine on both national and international culinary platforms.

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