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The Basic Training Restaurant at IHM Raipur plays a fundamental role in shaping the expertise of first-year B.Sc. students in the field of hospitality. This training ground provides an introduction to the intricacies of restaurant operations, service etiquettes, and customer interactions. Students get the valuable opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to a practical setting, honing their skills in a real-world scenario.

In this simulated restaurant environment, students learn the essential principles of service, including table setup, guest reception, order taking, and service delivery. They gain hands-on experience in serving various cuisines, understanding the nuances of different dining styles and etiquettes. The focus is not just on providing a meal but on delivering an exceptional dining experience.

By actively participating in the Basic Training Restaurant, students develop a strong foundation in customer service and gain confidence in handling a range of service-related tasks. This practical exposure sets the stage for their journey into the world of hospitality, preparing them for the challenges and demands of the industry.

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