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The hostel of the institute is being run in two blocks located in Sector 29 of Chhattisgarh Housing Board, in which the boys' hostel is run in Block 48 and the girls' hostel is run in Block 52. The entire hostel is full of WiFi system and other modern facilities. Mess facility is available in the hostel of the institute and bus facility is also available from the hostel to the institute.

Boys Hostel at the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) Raipur is more than just accommodation; it's a home away from home for aspiring hospitality professionals. Designed with student comfort in mind, the hostel provides a safe and conducive living environment. Spacious rooms, recreational areas, and study spaces contribute to a holistic living experience. The hostel staff ensures a secure and supportive atmosphere, fostering a sense of camaraderie among residents. This facility plays a vital role in students' personal and academic growth, creating a community that enhances their learning journey.

The Girls Hostel at IHM Raipur is a haven for female students pursuing excellence in hospitality. Safety is paramount, and the hostel provides a secure and empowering space for residents. With well-designed living quarters, common areas, and study rooms, the hostel offers a conducive environment for academic and personal development. The dedicated staff ensures the well-being of residents, creating a nurturing community. Beyond providing accommodation, the Girls Hostel at IHM Raipur is an integral part of the institute's commitment to fostering holistic growth and creating a supportive living space for aspiring female professionals.

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