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The Quantity Food Kitchen (QFK) at IHM Raipur stands as the largest and most industrious kitchen within the institute. It becomes a dynamic learning space for students in the second year of the B.Sc program, immersing them in the world of catering to a large demand for regional Indian cuisines. As they undertake cooking practicals here, students gain comprehensive knowledge and essential skills to meet the diverse culinary needs prevalent across India.

QFK operates on a scale that prepares students to tackle the challenges of cooking for sizable gatherings and diverse palates, a crucial skill in the hospitality industry. The modules are meticulously planned, aligning with the curriculum set by NCHMCT, encompassing a vast array of Indian regional dishes. Students delve into hands-on experiences, preparing meals for hundreds to thousands of individuals at a time, preparing them for the realities of mass-scale food production. This kitchen instills competence and confidence in students to cater to the rich and varied gastronomic traditions of India, nurturing their potential to become adept culinary professionals.

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