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The Basic Training Kitchen at IHM Raipur serves as an invaluable space for the first-year B.Sc program students, providing a foundational understanding of food production. It's a place where budding culinary enthusiasts take their initial steps into the world of gastronomy. In this creatively charged environment, students delve into the basics of food preparation, gaining hands-on experience in culinary techniques and practices.

Not only does this space impart knowledge, but it also tantalizingly teases their taste buds with the delightful outcome of their efforts. Students have the chance to taste and evaluate their culinary creations, offering a practical dimension to their learning. This direct feedback loop enhances their understanding of flavors, textures, and the art of food presentation.

Furthermore, the Basic Training Kitchen becomes a laboratory for honing essential culinary skills, which then form the building blocks for more intricate and sophisticated culinary endeavors. As students progress, they can seamlessly apply these basic skills to create culinary masterpieces, all while cultivating their passion for the culinary arts. This kitchen acts as the foundational cornerstone in their culinary journey, instilling the love for food and the drive for perfection from the very beginning.

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